Illinios North Chapter – Christian Life Program (CLP) 2021

Invites all married couple to a spiritual journey through a virtual Christian Life Program. Take the first step towards bringing your family close to GOD.


What is LOVE?  Who is JESUS CHRIST?

Why Repent & Forgive? How To Grow in God’s Spirit?

Do you want to know the Christian Ideal?

Couples for Christ is inviting you to a Christian Life Program (CLP), an integrated course intended to provide a renewed understanding of God’s call to us as Christians.  Open to married couples, single men and women, widows, and widowers. Free to attend. Virtual/Online.  Eight sessions with 1.5 hrs per session. Upon registration, session details will be provided.

Couples for Christ is a Catholic movement intended for the renewal and strengthening of Christian family life. It has been recognized by the Pontifical Council of Laity in the Vatican as a Private International Association of the Faithful. We are families in the Holy Spirit, renewing the face of the earth by building the Church at Home and Church of the Poor.

The Christian Life program is an initiation to become a member of this worldwide ministry of Couples who are Christ-centered. It’s a fact that our current world situation is putting a lot of strain on our marriages and put at risk the foundation of the family. But, there’s hope and solution. We are all called for a mission and Couples for Christ ministry is a great opportunity to serve God’s purpose.

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Jan 22 2022


Central Time (CST)
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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